Best Android Apps


The best Android apps, both free and paid for, are the little ones that make our lives a little more enriched and interesting. The kind of apps that spark a little grin on our faces and make our daily routines feel less routine and more adventurous.

Apps like Klima! Klima helps you reduce your carbon footprint by offering neat little alternatives to your diet, your travel habits, and many other things! Plus, it’s totally free with an optional monthly donation option. A solid application for anyone eco-mindful or somebody looking to do more to nurture the nature we are surrounded by.

Another interesting application is the Glitch Lab. Glitch Lab is a super cool photo editor filled to the brim with these interesting filters and photo editing tricks that can spice up your selfies or fill your group photos with a cyberpunk aesthetic. Give your next headshot the hacker treatment! This application boasts over 100 editing options, and there is enough here to practically build an image from scratch using the tools they provide. The free version offers plenty, but you can purchase the full version for only 6 pounds.

If you are into some quirky little fun with your friends, and you just can not get enough of these interesting photo apps, check out DoodleLens! DoodleLens lets you draw little designs on your photos you take and copy and paste them on top of other photos to generate weird little augmented realities! You can change the colour and even stack several different doodles on top of each other to create a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes you have doodled!

There are so many different and fantastic apps for Android phones out there, and it’s up to you to decide which ones will be the best for you and your lifestyle!